Topher King is a session and live drummer, as well as a songwriter based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born in Texas but raised in Minnesota, so he has listened to many different genres of music ranging from classic country all the way to pop, and everything in between.  Topher takes everything he hears in these genres and applies it to his drumming style.  Topher plays with Minneapolis based Country/Americana artist Russ Parrish

When Topher writes songs, he writes for the Christian, Country, and Americana genres.  His favorite part about writing a song is the story that it tells, as well as the connection the listener can have with the song. Topher has won multiple awards for songs he has written.  Some of these include an Honorable Mention in American Songwriter’s lyric competition for the 2018 July/August issue, and a 1st place win in the Gospel/Inspirational category of the 2019 Chris Austin Songwriting Competition. 

If you want to contact Topher to play live drums for you, record drums for a project, or collaborate on a song-write, feel free to contact him through the Contact page

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